Mary T. Crowley

Mary Crowley, co-founder of Mission Resolve Foundation, is also the founder and executive director of Ocean Voyages Institute (OVI) which was established in 1979 as a public charity based in Sausalito, California. Their goal is to preserve the maritime arts and sciences, the ocean environment and island cultures. Mary is one of the founders and project directors of the environmental mission Project Kaisei. She is also founder and CEO of Ocean Voyages, Inc, an international yacht chartering company which offers trips on sailing vessels and luxury yachts worldwide.

Ms. Crowley previously served as Executive Director of the Oceanic Society, publisher of Oceans magazine and on the board of Directors of Project Jonah, the Maritime Museum of San Diego, Sail San Francisco and many other organizations. Her current board positions include Ocean Voyages Institute, WELL Network as well as the Richardson Bay Maritime Association. She is a founding member of Planetree, which enhances healing environments in hospitals and healthcare education.

As an educated and ardent environmentalist, Mary has found time to enjoy exploring the world via yacht, logging over 90,000 nautical miles. She was a teacher and program director for the Oceanic School of New York on board the 345′ Brigantine Statsraad Lehmkuhl for nine months, (a school year). She was also on the first voyage of S.E.A. of Woods Hole on board the Brigantine Westward as staff. She has sailed in the Galapagos archipelago 17 times as well as repeat visits to most of the world’s ocean areas.

It is Mary’s lifelong passion for sailing, snorkeling, diving and exploring the world’s oceans that has fueled her continuing commitment and dedication to ocean conservation and the marine environment. She feels we all need to take action to improve the health of our oceans.