M/T Albinoni

Mt Albinoni On A Loaded Voyage

 M/T ALBINONI  Written July 9, 1998 & Sept. 20, 2009 This story begins innocently enough on the evening news of February 7, 1994 at about 2330. Chauncey Naylor who at that time was our Shipboard Fire School Director.  Chauncey a dedicated fire fighting professional called me on the telephone and said to turn on the … Read more

Terrorist Bomb St. Anthony’s Church in Sri Lanka

Terrorist Bomb St. Anthony’s Church In Sri Lanka

Inside the church after the bombing On Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, an Islamic Terrorist Group detonated eight bombs in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo killing 257 people and wounding over 500. One bomb was detonated inside the St Anthony Shrine, a 175-year-old Catholic Church and renown sanctuary haven and house of worship open to people … Read more