Actionable Global Solutions Focused In Five Key Subject Areas: 

Marine Plastics, Oil  & Environmental Toxins – 
Recovery, Repurposing,
& Remediation.

Coral Reef Restoration,
Water Management,
Coastal Erosion,
& Urban Planning.

Citizen Leadership & Diplomacy.


(Science, Technology,
Resiliency, Engineering,
Arts & Math)

Disaster Preparedness,
Relief & Emergency


The Celebration of the Sea Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, serving to ENGAGE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE people around the world to protect the ocean and the world’s natural resources. A specific focus of the Foundation’s  initiatives are to develop resilient communities and promote STREAM (Science, Technology, Resiliency, Engineering, Arts & Music) education and career paths with an emphasis placed on highlighting and encouraging minorities and females in these respective fields. The Foundation’s programs focus on ways in which each one of us can make a positive impact on the environment while placing specific emphasis on the world’s ecological systems. For more information about the Celebration of the Sea Foundation, please visit CelebrationoftheSea.Org

Resolve Marine Group is proud to serve as one of the world’s largest and most respected marine salvage companies. Resolve continues to provide innovative and reliable maritime solutions across the globe through its dedicated salvage and emergency response resources. Resolve has been called upon to clear numerous vital ports after, hurricanes, earthquakes and wars to allow the delivery of critically need humanitarian supplies. Resolve is proud to be a family-owned company with a global network of wholly-owned Companies that include emergency response, salvage, wreck removal and maritime training. Over the last thirty years, the company has successfully executed some of the world’s most complex salvage operations across the globe.  For more information please visit ResolveMarine.Com

Ocean Voyages Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by a group of international sailors, educators, and conservationists with a mission of preserving the world’s oceans and teaching maritime arts and sciences. During a recent historic expedition, Ocean Voyages Institute recently successfully removed over 40 tons of marine plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The Institute is dedicated to providing sail training opportunities to youth on a worldwide basis as well as providing access to the ocean world and educational programs. Ocean Voyages Institute’s Board of Directors and volunteers have extensive experience designing and conducting ocean research projects and sailing education programs. For more information please visit