Dr. Craig Vogel, a cardiologist with Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, was one of the dozens of medical professionals who sailed on the Bahamas Paradise cruise ship last Thursday to Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Many of the storm victims were in dire need of medical attention. He said many patients were also very dehydrated due to the heat and long lines that people were waiting in to get off the island. Medical professionals will be needed for months to help storm victims who suffer from chronic conditions and have no access to the medical care they once had.

An announcement was made over the PA system asking specifically for a cardiologist to please come to the medical center onboard the ship. Dr. Vogel immediately answered that call.

The call concerned a Bahamian man in his 60s whose organs were shutting down. Dr. Vogel worked with the ship’s leaders and eventually was able to request a U.S. Coast Guard rescue helicopter to get the man the critical care he needed.

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