Location Caribbean Islands Partners Ocean Voyages Institute Impact - Supports up to 30 environmental experts
- Educational Communications Center
- Livestream of expeditions
- Towing capabilities
- Compactor on board

The Lana Rose is designed to serve as a state-of-the-art humanitarian and environmental command center, able to remain at sea for over a year without the need to return to port. The Lana Rose facilitates extraordinary collaboration by providing living accommodations, collaborative work space and digital communications with a full-time crew of twelve and thirty environmental guest personnel.  

The 216 foot vessel as the ability to support scientists and students working at new and effective solutions to the marine plastics problem that we face today. The Lana Rose serves as an educational and multi-media broadcast platform and offers a wide array of hands-on learning experiences.  Mission Resolve Foundation supports robust educational efforts dedicated to understanding and stewardship of our ocean ecosystems.