Barge with Reverse osmosis systems being shipped to Bahamas


Hurricane Dorian not only destroyed water infrastructure in the Bahamas, but it also polluted wells with salt water incursion.

Hospitals have been in desperate need of water in volume and relief is on the way thanks to the non-profit Mission Resolve. A barge was loaded with three water-making reverse osmosis setups that can produce 10,000 gallons a day.

“We brought one of our barges over with accommodations and water making devices on our vessel,” said Joseph Farrell. “The water will be distributed in tanks, lorries, trucks. That is the best way to do it. Ten thousand gallons of water is not a lot unless you don’t have any.”

The barge and its water making units are an example of non-government help that is pouring into the Bahamas. The barge is now at Freeport and is just about set to produce.

“We have not started distribution. We want to do it properly, can’t rush in there,” Farrell said. “Make sure is all properly delivered to the hospitals.”